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Burn Permits
The following instructions apply to planned burns within the Colfax County, Moreno Valley Fire Department (MVFD).  

MVFD is located within the Moreno Valley from the southern tip of Eagle Nest Lake to the Mora County line, west to the Taos County line, and the western slope of the mountains east of the Moreno Valley.  

Burns within the Village of Angel Fire are the responsibility of the Village of Angel Fire.  Contact the Village Fire Department at 575-377-3347 if your planned burn is within the Village limits. 

Unless burning is specifically prohibited, persons planning an open burn (other than an approved camp fire or Bar-B-Que) should obtain an "Application for Open Burning" form and comply with the instructions here and on the next few pages.  Remember that persons burning materials of any kind at any time are responsible for damage that may result because of the burning activity. In addition, persons involved in burning activity may be responsible for costs in extinguishing a fire that is out of control or, in the opinion of the Fire Department, is unsafe.  

1.  "Application For Open Burning" forms are available at the Val Verde and Black Lake Fire Stations.  They are also available online (see form below) on this
     website as a downloadable and printable PDF.  

2.  Persons planning a burn should obtain the "Application For Open Burning" form at least seven days prior to their planned burning date. 

3.  Complete the form and return it by one of the following means:
     a) The most expeditious method of completing your application is to fill out the online form provided below and click SUBMIT. That sends it directly to the              Fire Department designated person for approval.  
     b) If you have a physical copy of the form, the best method is to return it to the Black Lake Station.  Put it in the box marked "Completed Burn Forms".
     c) You can also return the completed form to the Val Verde Station, and again, put it in the box marked "Completed Burn Forms" near the main door. 
     d) A final alternative is to fax the completed form to 505-377-2700.

4.  A Fire Department representative will be in contact with you to arrange an inspection of the proposed burn site.  We will verify that the proposed burn site          has met the following conditions:
     a)  Sufficient defensible space exists between the burn site and other flammable material. 
     b)  There exists a continuous water supply capable of extinguishing the fire. 
     c)  Minimum hand tools are on hand including a shovel and rake, or shovel and hoe. 

5.  On the day of the burn, the person responsible for burning should check signage at either Val Verde or Black Lake Fire Station to verify that burning is              permitted. 

6.  Before igniting any fire, call the Fire Department Dispatch Office in Red River at 575-754-2333.  Inform the dispatcher of your intentions. They will have a          copy of your burn application on file. 

7.  You are responsible for exercising reasonable judgment in determining that conditions are safe before beginning any burning. Remember that if in the                opinion of the Fire Department your burn is unsafe for any reason, or if your burn causes damage to another person's property, you may be liable for 
     damages and costs associated with extinguishing the fire. 

8.  Once the burning is underway, remember that at least one responsible person must be in attendance at all times.  If you leave the fire for any reason, put it        out. If the Fire Department observes your fire without someone in attendance, or without proper tools and preparation, we will put it out for you.  You may be      responsible for the costs of this service.  

9.  Please be aware that a burn ordinance is now in effect in Colfax County.  Persons who violate provisions of this ordinance may be cited.  
Colfax County
PO Box 1498
Raton, New Mexico  87740

Property Owner: 
Mailing Address:
(Include Street / PO Box,  City,  State,  and Zip Code)
Physical Location of Proposed Burn: 
Number of Piles: (Total / Max per day)
Size of Pile(s) LxWxH 
Type of Fuel to be burned:
Has the Location been prepared to control the burn?
Distance to the adjacent property:
Has suitable fire protection equipment been provided?
NOTE:  Suitable fire protection equipment means a water source capable of extinguishing the proposed fire, and appropriate hand tools to include a shovel and rake hoe.
Does burn have the potential to impact a smoke-sensitive area?  If yes, what is the type and name of sensitive areas identified?
Requirements: All burning must take place during the time period of one hour before sunrise to one hour before sunset.  Winds must not take smoke over roads or toward human habitation.  All burning must cease if atmospheric conditions create smoke stagnation or a dangerous condition which may spread the fire.  Material to be burned must be dry and the amount of dirt on material to be burned must be minimized. No natural or synthetic rubber or petroleum products may be burned.  The Fire Department must be notified at the start of the burn and upon completion.  The burn MUST be attended at all times.  The property owner and the individual conducting the burn will be held legally and financially accountable for any fire spread or damage resulting from the burn. 

The department reserves the right to cancel this request at any time if the public interest warrants it.  The holder of this permit is there for cautioned and charged that he/she alone assumes full responsibility to exercise the utmost care and judgment before igniting fires.  Colfax County Fire Department hereby disclaims any and all liability of itself or it's agents that might be incurred by the petitioner's acts. 

By clicking SUBMIT to send this form online, the petitioner agrees that they will follow all requirements and agrees to comply with all stated policies and procedures as listed above.  This is the same as an electronic signature.
(Click the SUBMIT button to send form to officials.  Clicking RESET clears the data entered and allows you to start over. )

Date of Application: 
Email Address: 
Every text box is required.  It will not SUBMIT properly if you leave a blank answer.